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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Speed Racer complete set !

Speed Racer Hot Wheels Mach 4 5 6 Racer X Musha Motors Gray Ghost Prince Kabala Snake Oiler GRX
Tracked down the elusive Racer X and completed my Hot Wheels collection of 10 cars from the up coming Summer Blockbuster movie Speed Racer. Memories of sleek white Mach 5 car are still fresh in my mind. Wonder how many fans are still out there who are eagerly waiting for this movie like me.
Speed Racer Hot Wheels Mach 4 5 6 Racer X Musha Motors Gray Ghost Prince Kabala Snake Oiler GRX
They have re-captured the car and the jump jacks brilliantly in the model.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Found the missing Speed Racer !

Managed to locate the missing Speed Racer for my Hot Wheels 1:64 scale set. So now I have the complete 10 cars set. Check back tomorrow for pictures of all of them !
See you later !

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Check out Transformers Movie Action with Desert Attack

Transformers Movie Screen Battles Dessert Attack Decepticon Scorponok
Got hold of the coolest of the Transformers Movie Screen Battles set - The Desert Attack set with the army team and Scorponok. Detailed Transformer Deceptiocon Scorponok in scorpion mode is ultra detail and the guys look quite decent. The background is also pretty cool.

Transformers Movie Screen Battles Dessert Attack Decepticon Scorponok Transformers Movie Screen Battles Dessert Attack Decepticon Scorponok
Great re-creation from the movie.

Speed Racer sighted in Penang

Managed to grab a few of the new Speed Racer Hot Wheels cars yesterday but seem to be missing one more car. Keeping my eyes opened for the elusive one. The set looks great and brings back memories of the cool high speed Mach 5.
Hot Wheels Speed Racer Racer X Mach 4 5 6

Also managed to find 2 sets of the twin racing packs. Have to go looking for the other 2 in this set.

Hot Wheels Speed Racer Racer X Mach 4 5 6
Hot Wheels Speed Racer Racer X Mach 4 5 6

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shop Assistants with no idea the value of toys

There should be a course for shop assistants for handling toys. They have no respect for them. I mean how many times have you seen the shop assistants grab your favorite hot wheels car by the edge of the card and throw it into a plastic bag ? Man .... as a collector my heart misses a few beats especially if you find a really rare piece like a Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels car. They do not understand the idea of mint packaging :P

Definitely most of them need a lesson in packing a plastic bag. Yesterday I had one throw in all my hot wheels cars and proceeded to try to put a huge Transformers Battle Scene box on top of the already bulging plastic bag ! Common sense was not in the hiring requirement. Maybe next time I will ask them if I can pack my own purchases.

Is this something that just happens here in Penang, Malaysia or is it pretty common anywhere else ?
Love to here from you all out there...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Spider-man addition Madam Web

Found a great treasure the other day from the original Spider-man animated series, Madam Web with flip trap catcher.

Spider-man's version of Yoda, guiding him through some of strangest cases.

Matrix Revolutions Tank vs Sentinel

Finally I get to recreate the face off between Tank vs the Sentinel from Matrix Revolutions !
Another long lost piece which I have been looking for. Now where can I find Mifune's APC to complete the picture ?...hmmm

I have not seen a model of the ships like the Hammer, that they flew in the Matrix against the Sentinels. If anyone out there knows what they were called or where I can find a die cast version, feel free to add to this blog.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Star Wars memories

Picked up a few of the new series of Star Wars figures recently that included the hologram image of Darth Vader. In shades of cool blue this figure definitely brought back memories of the classic Star Wars movies all those years ago especially the Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Episode V.

Star Wars Action figures Hologram Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back Classic Anakin Skywalker

This beautifully crafted and articulate figure is definitely a must for a Star Wars collector as well as the unmasked battle damaged figure. Paths of destiny for Anakin Skywalker in the conversion to the dark side of the force and becoming part of the Sith.

Darth Vader Revenge of the Sith Damaged Anakin Skywalker
May the Force Be With You !

Friday, March 21, 2008

Auction Sniping

eBay Sniper

Some people love sniping, others feel this is not a good practice.
Sniping is the art of placing bids at the last minute on auctions. This can be done either by monitoring the auction and placing your bid in seconds before the end or by utilizing the automated tools like Gixen which is a free service. Gixen automates the process so that you can bid on auctions even when you sleep ! It has been pretty reliable so far with bids being placed on my behalf seconds before the end of the auction.

Of course this does not guarantee you will win the auction, but it gives you the option to be able to bid on items at odd times of the night or when you need to be out and about. It also help you not to forget that all important auction end time by setting it up ahead of time.

Check it out if you need something to help have that little edge on your bidding.

eBay Sniper

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Marvel Legends Giant Man at last !

Toybiz Marvel Legends Wal Mart Giant Man Avengers
Today is a historic day ! I have finally got hold of the much sort after Giant Man !
Hurray !!
This classic figure was part of a limited run Wal Mart exclusive which was not available outside of the US. I now eagerly anticipate the arrival. Love eBay, the one place where you find really hard to find and rare toy collectibles.

Imagine having to get hold of 10 sets, which are really hard to find, at a good price without busting your account ....sweat. Good job for those kind souls who will let their loose Giant Man go to a new home.

Toybiz Marvel Legends Wal Mart Giant Man Avengers Wolverine Weapon X Thor Sentry Warbird X-men Kitty Pride Havok Captain Britain Ant Man
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