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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Iron Man and his Hall Of Armour

From the beginning, Tony Stark designed a formidable armor, the Mark 01, which although crude in design was a powerful enhancement to his physical abilities.

Marvel Legends Mojo Series First Appearance Movie Mark 01 Avenger Iron Man

MOC Marvel Avenger Iron Man Lot featuring :
  • Mark 01
  • Mark 02
  • Mark 03 LE Limited Edition Silver Centurion
  • Mark 03
  • ST Satellite Armor
  • Stealth Operations SO
  • Titanium Man TM
  • TP Torpedo Armor
  • PT Prototype
  • Iron Monger Closed Cockpit Blue power cell
  • Iron Monger Open Cockpit
  • Iron Monger Classic Blue Stealth armor

Marvel Iron Man movie Mark 01 02 03 LE ST Satellite Iron Monger Open Cockpit Classic Stealth Operations Titanium Man TM TP Torpedo Armor Repulsor Red Silver Centurion PT Prototype

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