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Saturday, January 23, 2010

eBaye Seller Tips : Tracking your shipments

You should always ship your items using a method which provides a tracking number to prevent any misunderstandings and also to provide the customer visibility on where their purchases are. For Malaysia we can use either :
  • Registered post - parcels below 2 Kg and 300 cm max in 3 dimensions measurement
    • Pros : 
      • Low cost
      • Acknowledgment of receipt
    • Cons : 
      • Limited tracking in Pos Malaysia website - only to the point it leaves Malaysia
  • Parcel mail 
    • Pros : 
      • More detailed tracking in Pos Malaysia website up to destination
      • Lower cost if parcel weight > 1 kg
    • Cons
      • May be slower in delivery then registered mail (although based on experience by not much in most cases )
      • Higher cost for light parcels < 1 kg
  • EMS (Expedited Mail Service) / Post Laju
    • Pros :
      • Faster delivery
      • Better tracking (slightly)
    • Cons
      • Higher cost
You can track the parcel internationally in the recipient's country website and this is a good website to use if you do not know where to find it :

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