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Monday, March 28, 2011

VENOM Stretch Strike Spider-man watch out !

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Found a really cool release from the Marvel Universe Spider-man Fiercest Foes series this week after a long wait. A new VENOM Stretch Strike figure which looks just awesome. With the symbiote flowing from his body and a great size at almost 5 inches towering over the Marvel Universe Spider-man, it is a formidable figure for any Spider-man collection. Included is a cool VENOM Stretch Strike attachment which gives VENOM an almost 7 inch reach to get Spider-man.

Check it out and other great items in
today !

Out of all the Fiercest Foes released so far, this is one of the largest release and definately in the top favourite position of my collection up with my personal favourites RHINO, LIZARD and SCORPION.

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