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Monday, October 5, 2009

Avengers Assemble - Get your Super Hero Squad ready !

Marvel Super Hero Squad Avengers Iron Man Hulk Thor Wasp Captain America Cable Hawkeye Crossbones Winter Soldier Falcon Spider-woman Ms Marvel Vision Iron Spider-manTony Stark Silver Centurion Hulkbuster

  • Avengers 4 figure pack
    • Ms Marvel
    • Vision
    • Iron Spider-man
    • Captain America
  • Iron Man Hall of Armor 1
    • Tony Stark
    • Silver Centaurion
    • 1st Appearance Iron Man
    • Hulkbuster Iron Man
  • Iron Man Hall of Armor 2
    • Iron Man
    • War Machine
    • Crimson Dynamo
    • Titanium Man
  • King Hulk and Iron Man
  • Spider-woman and Hulk
  • Cable and Captain America
  • Hulk and Wasp
  • Iron Man and Thor
  • Hawkeye and Captain America

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