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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ninjas are back !

The Mysterious Ninjas became very popular in the movies during the 80's, especially starting  with the movie Enter the Ninja with Franco Nero and Shô Kosugi This started the craze for ninja with Shô Kosugi leading the pack with several movies and a TV series "The Master" with the ninja theme.

Enter the Ninja Sho Kosugi

Others like Michael Dudikoff with the American Ninja series had some success. After a while the craze died out.
American Ninja Michael Dudikoff

Now it seems that they are back, first with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow from GI JOE : The Rise of Cobra

GI Joe Snake Eyes Storm Shadow Ninja

and now the aptly named NINJA movie which seems to be the revamped American Ninja !


 Facing off with this is NINJA ASSASSIN
Ninja assassin Rain

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