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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

England my England - Ode to Robert Green and the World Cup

England my England
Oh how you fare
For Football is a team game
Tis not one person to solely blame
Yes poor Robert Green
Did let it slip through his hands
That wild shot from Patrick Dempsey
From the New World
Called the US of A

Yes old Steve Gerrard did score the first shot
Into goal
And gave England the lead
But 10 good men
With HUGE reputations
Of skill and history
Did have lots of time to put right
The wrong that Green made
Where were the goals ?
Did they exert the dominance that Germany showed
Against Australia
In a similar David vs Goliath arena ?
Check it out and other great items in
today !

Step up step up
Football is a team game
All are to blame
If you did not win the game

So fast you forgot
All the good saves
That he has made
When Green saved your butts
Now you wish to put the blame
Solely on one man
Tis tis
Shame on you
Get your heads out of '66
And into the 2010 game
The Lions of BPL
We still have not heard you roar...

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