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Friday, June 18, 2010

USA inspired come back !

An inspired never give USA team came back from a 0:2  score line during half time to equalize 2:2 against Slovenia in a much more thrilling match up then England vs Algeria.

The highlights of this crucial match can be caught on here

A superb goal from a crazy angle from Landon Donovan brought them back into the game with an equalizer from Michael Bradley bringing them square on with the Slovenians and possibly putting them in contention for the next round.

Tim Howard made some remarkable saves to keep the US team's hope alive.

Compared to the uninspired England team's performance against Algeria. I'm so glad I went to bed instead of waking up to watch the match. England seems to have a lot of names but not much team to really be truly this year's World Cup winners.

Back to reminising on 1966....
Robert Green cannot be blamed for this match.

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