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Monday, June 21, 2010

Portugal turns on the heat in the second half

Portugal turns on the heat in their second half of the match with Korea DPR when they came out blazing and nailing the Korean DPR team 7:0 ! They must have had their hot sauce during the break as they came back out full of fire grabbing 2 goals in a space of 5 minutes and from then on it was a torrent of goals.

Portugal faced a stiff defence from the Korean DPR team in the first half and although had several opportunities, could only get 1 goal in the first half. Portugal has shown that they are more then Cristiano Ronaldo and have a great pool of talents in their team and most importantly, they showed how a football performs as a team...please take note England and France.

Numerous times Ronaldo was in a position to take a shot at goal passed the ball instead to a team member who was in a better position instead of trying his luck and blasting the ball. This is truly the action of a true star and team player rather then an attention grabber. This is truly his value as the most expensive player. And yes he did finally get his first international goal in 2 years as he grabbed the last goal of the match. The amazed look on his face as well as the relief was priceless.

With this amazing form and performance, the match up with Brazil is definitely going to be a superb match to watch.

Portugal seems to be in the right gear to take the world cup home this round

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